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The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Oscar Akermo

The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Oscar Akermo

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In this artist spotlight for The Tattoo Shop we take a look at the life and times of Oscar Akermo.

A prodigious talent, Oscar Akermo hails from Sweden and at 23 years old he’s already one of the most admired names in the tattooing industry. Stopping into The Tattoo Shop, for Episode 1 of Tattoodo's new Facebook Watch show, we got a great look into his style and process. From realism, to graphic art, to fine line detail, Oscar’s style is easily recognizable thanks to his knack for, “Mixing two things that wouldn’t necessarily fit together.” It’s this merging of ideas that gives his work that particular edge, and continues to thrill his clients and fans the world over.

In Episode One of The Tattoo Shop, Oscar shares a little bit about how he got into tattooing. Brought up in an artistic household, he grew up watching his father draw. “My dad used to work as a courtroom sketch artist and encouraged me to do any kind of art.” But from graphite pencils to ink and needle, it wasn’t long before Oscar found his own medium. “When I was 13 I tattooed myself by hand with a needle, and by the time I was 14 I had built my own first machine.” At the age of 17 he had secured an apprenticeship to the learn the craft but don’t let his age fool you. Although he’s young, his hyperrealist tattoos speak for themselves; his work ethic and high quality tattoos prove his dedication to master the art form. “Right now I can’t see myself doing anything else other than tattooing. And I aim to keep it that way!”

Although he started, as many artists do, tattooing strictly traditional, he soon moved on to find something that resonated more with his aesthetic. Inspired by old masters like Rembrandt and Da Vinci, as well as Victorian architecture, horror movies, and sci-fi, the diverse range of his vision is partly what sets Oscar’s work apart from the rest. Oscar also admits that Miami Ink was influential in his younger years. “Growing up watching Ami James, Nunez, Garver, I guess they planted the seed...they inspired me to start before I even knew it.”

Written byTattoodo

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