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The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Sasha Unisex

The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Sasha Unisex

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In this artist spotlight for The Tattoo Shop we take a look at the life and times of Sasha Unisex.

World traveling, ultra-talented bombshell Sasha Unisex is revolutionizing tattooing and tattoo culture. With her powerhouse graphic style that pulses with radiant colors and clean looks, her work portrays an aesthetic rarely seen in the industry. She stopped into The Tattoo Shop in Episode 2 to give a client her first color tattoo, and wowed the guys with her special style. She explains, “My style is kind of watercolor style but it is more graphic. I like simple things, colorful with strange combinations of color, shapes.”

Sasha graduated from Lviv Academy of Art in 2010 with a degree in graphic design which clearly supports her easily identifiable style. However, after graduation she felt the need to explore a new technique and medium; tattooing came naturally to her. She explains that a lot of people get turned away from tattoos because of the traditional hard black line look, but then they see her work and get inspired...she laughs, “because it doesn’t look like a tattoo, maybe?”

Her clients come from all over the world to be etched forever with her vivid designs. It’s clear that nature holds a special place in Sasha's heart; many of her artful conceptions feature flowers or animals. “I like kind topics that bring happiness.” Her work is also incredibly inclusive: she understand that many people can’t make the commitment to ink their skin, and has released a collection of temporary tattoos. Not only does she paint, tattoo, and travel the world but she consistently creates prints, pins, clothing, and more. If her artistic output doesn't inspire, her vibrant and positive personality certainly will.

Written byTattoodo

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