The Tattoodo Contest: Win a Tattoo by Megan Massacre

The Tattoodo Contest: Win a Tattoo by Megan Massacre

Would you like to win a trip to NYC, a three-night hotel stay, and a TATTOO BY MEGAN MASSACRE?!

Here we go again- another contest! This time, it's all about the gorgeous Megan Massacre and her supreme skills!

This is how it works: 

1) Download the Tattoodo App (iPhone or Android)

2) Upload your #megandreamtattoo   

3) You're in!

Once you've downloaded the Tattoodo app and created a profile, all you have to do is to upload an image of the tattoo you want Megan to tattoo on you using the hashtag #megandreamtattoo - and you're in! 

But that's not it- the best part is that you'll be part of a community where you can share your tattoos and connect with tons of fellow tattoo enthusiasts and follow your favorite tattoo artists!

Read more about the competition here: Tattoodo contest - Win a NYC trip to get tattooed by Megan Massacre

Tattoodo competition #magandreamtattoo #meganmassacre
Tattoodo competition #magandreamtattoo #meganmassacre
The Prize

If you're the lucky winner, Tattoodo will fly you to NYC, where you will enjoy a 3-night stay and get tattooed by the legend, Megan Massacre, at her renowned NY studio, Grit n' Glory, ALL FOR FREE. 

We will be announcing the winner LIVE on October 15th, 2016.

Anyone aged 18+ can enter. 

Good luck! 

Download the app for iPhone or Android!

Get inspired!

Healed photo of a chrysanthemum and eyeball I tattooed at Grit N’ Glory. #chrysanthemum #eye #tattoo #meganmassacre #gritnglory

Read more about the app here:

Introducing The Tattoodo App!

Sugar skull I tattooed earlier this year at Grit N’ Glory. #sugarskull #dayofthedead #skull #tattoo #meganmassacre #gritnglory

Remember to give @megan_massacre a follow once you've logged into the app!

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