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The Tattoodo Contest: Win a Tattoo by Megan Massacre

The Tattoodo Contest: Win a Tattoo by Megan Massacre

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Would you like to win a trip to NYC, a three-night hotel stay, and a TATTOO BY MEGAN MASSACRE?!

Here we go again- another contest! This time, it's all about the gorgeous Megan Massacre and her supreme skills!

This is how it works: 

Tattoodo competition #magandreamtattoo #meganmassacre
Tattoodo competition #magandreamtattoo #meganmassacre
The Prize

If you're the lucky winner, Tattoodo will fly you to NYC, where you will enjoy a 3-night stay and get tattooed by the legend, Megan Massacre, at her renowned NY studio, Grit n' Glory, ALL FOR FREE. 

Get inspired!

Healed photo of a chrysanthemum and eyeball I tattooed at Grit N’ Glory. #chrysanthemum #eye #tattoo #meganmassacre #gritnglory

Read more about the app here:

Sugar skull I tattooed earlier this year at Grit N’ Glory. #sugarskull #dayofthedead #skull #tattoo #meganmassacre #gritnglory

Remember to give @megan_massacre a follow once you've logged into the app!

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