The Tattoodo Vision: We're On a Mission!

The Tattoodo Vision: We're On a Mission!

In this guide, we talk about the Tattoodo vision and how we hope to celebrate and support the global tattoo community.

Since we began in 2014, Tattoodo has evolved and grown to expand its vision of how we support the tattoo community the world over. Our hopes are to be an exemplary guide to the global community that is the tattoo industry. With more than 2 billion monthly content views across our platforms, as well as more than 45 million followers combined on social media, our reach for connectivity is vast. But, because Tattoodo continues to develop, our goals are ever widening and we continue to get questions about what exactly our mission is. 

There are two sides of what we do, making Tattoodo a dialectic and multi-faceted project. There is the side for collectors, travelers, and lovers of tattoos. Chloe, our Community Manager, explains, “We represent a huge community...we want to be the one source for everyone to get any kind of tattoo information, whether it’s a style of tattoo, aftercare, removal.” There is also the aspect of a user friendly directory. The man with the plan, Caspar, Tattoodo’s COO, says, “If you look at any other industry in the world you have some form of digital presence and transparency that allows you to make educated decisions. But that’s just not the case in the tattoo industry today. If you want to get a tattoo, you basically have to know someone who can tell you who the best artists are...So, for tattoo clients, we want to open up the industry and make it less intimidating.” Tattoo aficionado’s can set up a profile and search for new artists, awesome shops in their area, tattoo inspiration, articles on the latest tattoo news, and even check out Tattoodo TV, a spot where all our videos of artist Sessions and client Inkounters are collected for easy access and viewing.

The other side of Tattoodo is the directory: this is the space for artists and shops to show their portfolio, their finest work, and express what sets them apart from the rest. Even at first glance, you can tell that Tattodo’s standards are high. We want to support and spotlight the highest quality of tattooers who take their craft seriously. This an art form that is pushing the boundaries of what fine art can mean; it’s time for a place that can display the work that represents the best that the tattoo community has to offer. 

There’s also the fact that Tattoodo promotes artists that we love and appreciate; just check out our daily app updates for Artist Spotlights, Studio Guides, Recommended Artist Lists and more. Caspar explains further, “From an artist perspective, it’s an opportunity to get greater exposure towards a relevant group of potential clients. Right now artists have to use social media platforms that are broader. There isn’t curation or quality control with the art that is displayed and clients still need to know someone before they find you.”

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So, whether you’re an artist or collector, we’re here for you. And as we continue to flourish, we hope you’ll join us on our journey. We are always open to feedback and suggestions; we want Tattoodo to be your immediate destination for all things tattoo related. We hope you appreciate the time, effort and love that goes into our platforms, our content, and our directory, since our community wouldn’t be a community without you!

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