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The Tattooed Witch: Harmony Nice's Inspiring Video Blogs

The Tattooed Witch: Harmony Nice's Inspiring Video Blogs

Lifestyle1 min Read

I am loving the videos from this vlogger who is passionate about tattoos.

Vintage photos of typewriters, crystals, tarot cards, mandalas, spell books, skulls, tattoos, candles...the list goes on, but basically Harmony Nice is a girl after my own heart.

Her YouTube and Instagram are sparkling graveyards of spooky autumnal heaven - gorgeous photography of nature, videos on witchcraft, tattoo aftercare hints and tips, as well as delving into her own personal experiences of spirituality and tattooing. 

Spells, spells, spells (and tea!) #HarmonyNice #reading #witchy #blogger #vlogger #autumn

Even slightly interested in Wicca and the supernatural? After you watch the videos, guaranteed you'll be just as geeky about it as I am. 

This tattoo aftercare advice is on point. I follow the exact same steps myself, and equally as obsessed with the Lush creams Harmony uses in her video. Srsly, get involved. 

Below is one of my favourite videos. As a fan of Grace Neutral's work, it was awesome to hear the whole tattoo journey from the viewpoint of one of her clients.

Typewriter and tea - the perfect combo #HarmonyNice #typewriter#blogger #vlogger #vintage

 Videos from Harmony's YouTube and gorgeous photos from Instagram.

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