‘The Tick’ Tattoos and Just Plain Tick Tattoos

‘The Tick’ Tattoos and Just Plain Tick Tattoos

These tattoos will make you want to yell “Spoon!” and also never want to go out to eat again.

Everyone’s favorite blue arachnid superhero is back this fall as The Tick returns in a new series on Amazon. The Tick first burrowed his way into our skin and hearts on Fox Kids back in the ‘90s. He then spent a short 2001 season in live action form on Fox portrayed by Patrick Warburton. Though this series only lasted nine episodes, it has become a cult classic. In honor of the return of The Tick, we’d like to present you with some Tick tattoos as well as some tattoos of ticks.

The Tick is the brainchild of Ben Edlund, who created the character as a mascot for the newsletter of his local comic store at the age of 18. The character quickly gained popularity, and the store started financing small runs of black and white issues of The Tick. This quickly snowballed into a children’s television show in a short matter of five years. The Tick ran for three seasons and brought joy and laughter to countless childhoods.

But if only all ticks were as lovable as The Tick… You see, I recently went on what I would call the worst date of my life. My girlfriend and I scoped out what was supposed to be a decent Mexican joint about 25 miles away and set off on a trek. While looking at a map, we noticed that the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge was a few miles away from our dinner destination. We decided to check it out.

And check it out we did. We walked about three minutes into the place and sighed one of those underwhelmed sighs you might see in the movies or on TV before turning around, getting back into the car, and heading to dinner.

It was only when we were seated at dinner that we realized we were both covered in ticks. I will never know what possessed us, but instead of fleeing to take care of this major problem, we decided to wing it. We both stripped naked in our respective gender’s bathroom and set about removing the hoard of blood-sucking freaks from our bodies.

After pulling 13 ticks off my body, doing my best to destroy them, and putting on my clothes, I proceeded to return to the table to attempt to eat my meal. After about a minute I noticed a tick scurrying across my date’s plate. We quickly asked for the check and left. We found no more ticks on our bodies. We had left them all at the restaurant. I realize now that this is most definitely a severe violation of not only the New Jersey health code, but also several unspoken social contracts. I would like to formally apologize.

Thankfully, there’s a world of solid entertainment to distract me from thinking about how terrible I am. For starters, The Tick returns to our lives on August 25th thanks to Amazon. The new series stars Peter Serafinowicz in a more realistic and gritty take on the superhero’s world. The pilot, released last year, shows a darker, yet still funny, take on The Tick with high production values. We just can’t wait for a full season. In the meanwhile, check out these swell tattoos of The Tick. And some tick tattoos to acknowledge that I am a horrible person.

Don’t these tick tattoos just make you want to spend all summer inside avoiding Lyme Disease and awaiting the season premier of The Tick? That’s where you’ll find us for the next few months. For more on ticks, check out this informative video.

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