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The Tiny Complexities of Pablo Torre

The Tiny Complexities of Pablo Torre

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Entire universes are created within the confines of these petite tattoos.

There’s a common misconception floating around that micro or tiny tattoos aren’t as stylistically impressive as their bolder counterparts. While the surface area he covers may be tiny, artist Pablo Torre of Alchemist Valley Tattoo in Madrid, Spain makes the most of his small canvases with his astoundingly precise, fine lined black and grey work. Focusing on organic matter, geometric shapes, and the occasional illustrative portrait, Torre’s tiny tattoos are their own cosmic universes, each one holding the detail of an entire galaxy within its petite lines.

Frequently brushing up his illustration skills in between studies, Torre says that he always had an inkling that he was destined to be a tattoo artist. Torre says via his website, that to him the idea of putting one of his creations to skin, rather than paper is beautiful, as skin does not remain static in the same way that paper does. Using a combination of line work, dot work, and shading Torre takes otherwise ordinary objects and turns them extraordinary with a pass of his needle. Suddenly, tiny paper airplanes are transformed into high flying jetliners with a few dots and the coy use of a shadow, just as moon phases and a howling wolf speak to the relationship between the animal kingdom and nature, the complexities of the harmonious world unfurling around them.

Similarly, his ability to take on larger, more statuesque objects, shrink them down to miniscule size, and yet retain all of their majesty is truly humbling, and calls to mind humanity’s relationship with these breathtaking natural phenomena — like the crest of a wave out at sea or the snowy summit of a mountain top.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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