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The Tiny Landscapes of 2016 That Helped Us Stare Into The Distance

The Tiny Landscapes of 2016 That Helped Us Stare Into The Distance

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

They may be small, but their ability to make us understand our scale in the world is huge.

There's a reason landscapes have always held power over us. The beauty of staring off into the distance and questioning our very humanity is a timeless experience. "That looks like a postcard!" We exclaim, and we mean it — we're so captivated by a sunset, by a long glance across the beach, that we can't even handle the real thing being real anymore. It looks like its own representation of itself. 

If you want to feel like you've been transported into a black and white movie about vacations, dig into these tiny landscapes by Amanda Piejak. Working in fine line and dot work, Piejak makes us wanna grab our keys and just drive.

A cabin looks over a lake in the woods, by Andrea Morales. (via IG—andrea.m0rales) #TattooRoundUp #Tiny #Landscapes #Cabin #Mountains #Lake

Once you've reached the end of the road, you're gonna wanna go for a walk. The fresh air will do yo some good. Take a wander through Andrea Morales' incredible, soothing mountain scene. She even included a little cabin for you to rest in.

The sun sets over a mountainside lake, by Eva Galipdede. (via IG—evakrbdk) #TattooRoundUp #Tiny #Landscapes #Lake #Sunset #Mountains

Don't worry, you didn't miss the sunset just yet. Eva Galipdede's got you. So tiny, yet so might, Galipdede's colors are vibrant and the fact that that tiny lake can reflect so well is a testament to her artistic strength. 

Just keep driving, by Marla Moon. via IG—marla_moon) #TattooRoundUp #Tiny #Landscapes #Road #Cactus #Heart #Desert

Marla Moon wants you to take a break from the water, though, and pass through the desert at night. This illustrative approach borders on cartoony, but it still holds up as a tight, detailed landscape with enough depth to just fall into. 

A series of simple, tiny landscapes, by Thomas Eckeard. (via IG—thomasetattoos) #TattooRoundUp #Tiny #Landscapes

On a more simplified and abstract scale, Thomas Eckeard takes us through the atmosphere, all the way down to the ocean in this itty series. The space between each little scene gives us some nice breathing room to feel like we're floating. 

Itty bitty trippy mountain and space scene, by Adrian Bascur. (via IG—adrianbascur) #TattooRoundUp #Tiny #Landscapes #Mountains #Space

While Eckeard brings us down slowly, Adrian Bascur brings us inward. Bascur combines styles, with a sketchy, free-form outline that transforms this mountainscape right into the cosmos.

Awesome mountains versus the sea, by Ben Grillo. (via IG—bengrillo) #TattooRoundUp #Tiny #Landscapes #Mountains #Ocean

If you're a hiker as well as a swimmer, Ben Grillo has you covered. Mountains upside, ocean downside, Grillo uses triangular shapes to evoke the depths of his subjects, and the result is beautiful and classically artistic. 

Palm trees and houses in a cozy landscape, by Oozy. (via IG—oozy_tattoo) #TattooRoundUp #Tiny #Landscapes #PalmTrees

Back to reality, Oozy has us glimpse over a small desert town. Detailed, black line palm trees obscure some of the scene, and the sun breaks outside of the border of the tattoo, signaling that it it hot here. 

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