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The Top Ten Tattooed Characters in Video Game History

The Top Ten Tattooed Characters in Video Game History

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Body art is a big part of gamer culture nowadays.

The worlds of video games and tattoos have overlapped in exciting ways in the last decade or so. Not only are people frequently getting homages to their favorite games inked on their bodies, but games from all genres are starting to feature characters with tattoos of their own. Body art has popped up in everything from first-person shooters to open world adventures. Check out this list of the top ten characters with tattoos in all of video game history.

A shot of GTAV's tattoo parlor feature. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

10. Tattoo Parlors — Grand Theft Auto V

The quick-footed Faith from Mirror's Edge. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

9. Faith — Mirror's Edge

The badass Kratos via Gods of War. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

8. Kratos — God of War

Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

7. Edward Kenway — Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Agent 47 and his barcode tattoo from Hitman. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

6. Agent 47 — Hitman

Wei Shen a la Sleeping Dogs. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

5. Wei Shen — Sleeping Dogs

The heavily tattooed character Jack from Mass Effect. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

4. Jack — Mass Effect

Taboo Tattoos from Fallout 4. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

3. Taboo Tattoos — Fallout 4

The main character from The Last Guardian. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

2. The Last Guardian

Hanzo from Blizzard's FPS Overwatch. #tattooedcharacters #videogames

1. Hanzo — Overwatch

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