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The Top #WCW's of 2016

The Top #WCW's of 2016

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Let's take a moment to thank all the ladies that made this year a little more bearable. Did your favorites make the list?

The year is winding down, folks, and sadly there’s only a handful of #WCW’s left. Le sigh. We know, we know, it’s your favorite part of Wednesday, that little push you need to send you barreling through the latter half of the week, and into the weekend. Rest assured that we feel your pain, and what could be a better send off into the new year than a roundup of our favorite #WCW’s of 2016?

Despite all the curveballs that 2016 threw, we somehow came out the other side with Hattie Watson, and if that doesn’t make 2016 worth the unbelievable amount of bullshit, we don’t know what does. This year has marked a huge milestone for Watson, who will finish out the year with just under 100K followers, a huge success to say the least. This year also marked collaborations with designers like L’ecoles de Femmes, as well as solidifying herself as a serious photographer. Plus, you know, she’s like stupidly beautiful.

To be completely honest, Torrie Blake is so pretty it hurts our hearts. She took an innumerable amount of photos this year with a whole slew of renowned photographers, and there’s not a one that doesn’t make us want to cry. She’s that pretty. But aside from her outstanding beauty, Blake’s year wasn’t too shabby, in fact she even managed to snag a few magazine covers, effectively establishing herself as a serious alternative model. Get it, girl.

But what would 2016 have been without the inimitable Emma Vauxdevil: fire dancer, sword swallower, and burlesque queen extraordinaire? Vauxdevil’s acts are so tantalizing, she nearly made our November bearable, despite the gloom election day brought with it. Honest to goodness, hand on whatever religious text you adhere to, Vauxdevil is one of the most talented and absolutely captivating women we’ve seen in quite some time, and although we never fulfilled our dreams of running away to join the circus with her, who knows what 2017 may bring.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

Staff Writer at Tattoodo. I have a three legged cat that drools.

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