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The Trendiest, Tiniest Tattoos of 2016

The Trendiest, Tiniest Tattoos of 2016

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

2016 was a break-out year for All Things Tiny, and we've gathered the top tiny tattoos to prove it.

"Go big or go home," they said, but they, whoever they are, didn't realize that the true way to be the smash, sleeper hit of the year was to go small. 

Any preconceived notions you might have about tiny tattoos — toss 'em out the tiny window. Even with the smallest segment of skin to work with, these artists are utilizing every fancy form of tattoo technique and styling possible to make these small pieces of art shine. They pack a ton of detail and line work into little spaces, they manage to utilize the full color spectrum in an area only slightly bigger than a quarter.

We've seen folks with little to no tattoos hop onto the tiny bandwagon; we've also seen folks who have barely any skin left to fill use a tiny tattoo to seal the deal. The truth is, size doesn't matter when it comes to tattoos. What matters is how talented your artist is, and what they can do with what they've got, and these top tiny tattoos are an excellent example of what folks can really rock.

It looks like tiny tattoos are, officially, here to stay. They came, they saw, they tiny-conquered 2016 in a big way.

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