The Unbelievable Micro-Portraits of Lazer Liz

The Unbelievable Micro-Portraits of Lazer Liz

Lions, Tigers, and Bears — oh my! This Manhattan-based artist is the queen of the jungle when it comes to fine-line portraits.

Elizabeth Markov — better known to the world as Lazer Liz — is a tattooer that lives to break the boundaries of the tattoo world.

As a resident artist at Bang Bang Tattoo in NYC, Markov specializes in animal micro portraits done in a fine line black and gray style. Markov got her nickname because of her laser-like precision and based on the tattoos she creates, we can definitely see why she’s considered a master. This New York artist continuously defies tattoo rules by creating incredibly detailed pieces in impossibly small surfaces and proving that no task is too big, or in this case, too small.

Clients from around the world have been enchanted by Markov’s delicate and dainty tattoo designs. The lions, tigers, butterflies, and floral designs that this artist creates are a true testament to the evolution of tattoo artist, as no one would have attempted to create such minuscule works of art in years prior. However, as tattoo techniques have been finessed by artists over time to perfect the craft, it seems that anything is possible these days. And while we’re certain that the bold black lines found in traditional tattooing will never truly go out of style, it’s fair to say that over time the industry has become more inclusive of diverse methods of creating art on skin.

Artists like Lazer Liz have opened doors for new tattooers to come forward with never before seen techniques and styles — who knows what or who is to come in the next several years. All we know for sure is that we are thrilled to welcome in the next great pioneer into the tattoo world. 

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