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The Unique Geometric Tattoos of Resul Odabaş

The Unique Geometric Tattoos of Resul Odabaş

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Resul Odebaş has some pretty cool interpretations of geometric tattoos.

Resul Odebaş, hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, uses geometrical shapes to add depth to his tattoos. His animals and images take on a 3D form, and often change color and style while they are in or emerging from shapes. His unique ability to combine blackwork and linework with beautiful and simple pastels makes for some stunning tattoos.

Geometric stag tattoo by Resul Odabaş #stag #geometric #linework #ResulOdabas

Odebaş began tattooing professionally in 2009, and is in fact self-trained. His family owned a tattoo shop in Istanbul, and he began working as an apprentice when he was a teenager. Perhaps the lack of official training was for the better - Odebaş tattoos are incredibly original and unique. His imagination combined with his technique make for some of the coolest tattoos out there. 

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And of course, check out Odebaş' Instagram for even more stunning examples of what he has to offer.

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