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The Wonderfully Illustrative Avant-Garde Tattoos of Matteo Cascetti

The Wonderfully Illustrative Avant-Garde Tattoos of Matteo Cascetti

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Inspired by Cubism and contemporary art, Italian tattoo artist Matteo Cascetti creates unique, stunning avant-garde tattoos.

Hailing from the land of renowned artists throughout the centuries, Matteo Cascetti follows suit from his fellow Italian artists with his aptly chosen style of avant-garde tattoos. The 38-year-old tattoo artist was drawn to fine arts at an early age and has been inspired by Cubist works in his later years. Living in Italy, Matteo believes that he and his family made the right decision of settling in Umbria as it's a central of modern and ancient Italian history, fuelling his artistry even further. 

Child with balloon tattoo by Matteo Cascetti. #MatteoCascetti #sketch #contemporarytattooart #avantgarde #balloon #child

This surge of creativity is very evident in Matteo's lively avant-garde pieces that employ semi-abstract and traditional art-inspired elements. Matteo experiments with earth tones, sketch work, and portraitures. He blends them all together and each piece becomes picturesque. His earlier fascination with Cubism also appears in some elements of his tattoos characterized by their deconstructed details and geometric edges.

Matteo entered the world of tattooing in 1996 and he hasn't looked back since. He thanks his father who works in antique furniture restoration for instilling a kind of appreciation for the arts that grew from a seed into the fine artist he is today. The avant-garde tattooer is no doubt only a grain in the sand among countless talented Italian tattoo artists from the centuries.

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