The World as Seen Through Valeria Marinaci's Eyes

The World as Seen Through Valeria Marinaci's Eyes

This tattooist makes some of the loveliest little landscapes you'll ever set eyes upon.

Much like the real world, the world of tattoos is populated by breathtaking landscapes. They come in a delightful variety, ranging from good old traditional all the way to full-blown color realism. While each style has its merits when it comes to making tattoos that take after our perspective on wide expanses of nature, blackwork makes for some of the most lovely body art to get lost in. Valeria Marinaci's landscapes illustrate how fine line work and a dash of stippling can capture the majesty of any amazing scenic view. 

Marcinaci's approach to blackwork tattoos is what makes her landscapes so inviting to the eye. She employs both heavy and light line weights to give varying degrees of depth to the objects in each one. Also, she has a knack for knowing when to use restraint with her dot work. Her use of negative space in contrast to her stippling is also notable for they way it creates atmospheric effects like the elements and light.  

The best part about Marinaci's blackwork landscapes is all of the places they can take you. Her scenes are not even bound to reality. Flipping through her portfolio is like entering a magical time machine that can transport you to when dinosaurs roamed Earth or zap you into fictional worlds where vampires reside in castles and UFOs are not mere conspiracy. Sometimes she even creates surreal pieces in which objects like teacups contain entire seascapes. 

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Though her fictional landscapes are simply enchanting, the ones done almost as in the plein air style are some of her most moving pieces of body art because they reflect the beauty of the world we all live in. For example, here there's a view the village Gallipienzo in Northern Spain. Also, among the various tattoos she's done based on real-life scenes, there are several of her beloved homeland, Sicily, with Mount Edna smoking in the background. 

If you want to wander around in more of Marinaci's charming landscapes, meander over to her Instagram. She works at Higgins and Co. Tattoo in 

Eastbourne, UK if you'd like a blackwork glimpse of nature on your body.

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