The World of Miniature Creatures by Violeta Arus

The World of Miniature Creatures by Violeta Arus

Giant majestic beasts are reduced to minis through the works of Violeta Arus.

There is a reason man fears nature. Man fears the deep recesses of the ocean, man fears walking unarmed in to the forest, man fears the unknown. Giant, seemingly mythical beasts await us when we step out of our comfortable homes, and we know not what their intentions are.

One way to combat that fear of these majestic animals is to turn them into teeny, tiny tattoos. Looking at a miniature bear isn't nearly as intimidating as when you see a grizzly in front of you. If we could take these miniature versions and apply them to our psyche, we could possibly end the fears of man vs. nature.

Violeta Arus is an amazing artist who provides us with some of the most detailed dotwork tattoos of miniature creatures we could ever hope for. Looking at her tattoos makes the world feel a bit smaller, and our fears a bit more manageable.

Arus is a tattoo artist in Madrid, Spain and when you study her tattoos, you can tell the craftsmanship that goes into them. The attention to detail needed to produce such wonderfully tiny creatures and the dotwork to fill in all the rest is her specialty, and she's damn good at it.

Follow Violeta on Instagram if you want to see more of her splendid works, and maybe we can all get over out fears of the unknown, of nature, and of each other.

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