There's a Silly Reason Why SNL's Pete Davidson's Tattoos Scare Him

There's a Silly Reason Why SNL's Pete Davidson's Tattoos Scare Him

Everyone is afraid of how their tattoos are going to look 30 years down the road, but Davidson has a fear we never considered.

Over the past summer Pete Davidson — the 22-year-old comic that has broken through on Saturday Night Live — went on a bit of a tattoo spree. As he told SNL alum Seth Myers in the video below, at the beginning of the summer Davidson's skin was virtually spotless, now it is covered in tattoos. 

There was no grand plan behind Davidson's decision to start getting tattooed. "I don't know [why], I like 'em," Davidson sheepishly explains. "They're cool." But what if they suddenly become uncool? Davidson is terrified that might happen to his Harry Potter themed tattoos. 

Pete Davidson showing off some of his ink. #SNL #harrypotter #petedavidson #sethmyers #popculture

It's not that Davidson is afraid he won't still love Harry Potter down the road, or that he thinks his art won't hold up to the rigors of time. No, his goes fear far deeper than that.

"Here's the thing about the Harry Potter crap," Davidson says. "At the time it seemed like a really good idea, but what if, like, one of the people in the cast is a sex offender later on?"

That's why coverups and laser removal exist, Pete. Plus, we are pretty confident that your fears will be unfounded. Check out the rest of the hilarious interview below.  

We love to see our favorite celebs out there talking about their tattoos, don't you? Be sure to check back with Tattoodo for all of the latest pop culture news. 

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