These Asteroid Tattoos Will Rock Your World

These Asteroid Tattoos Will Rock Your World

Continuing our series of tattoos of things that are going to kill you with asteroid tattoos

Can you think of anything that has both the power to violently wipe out all life on earth but also non-violently destroy our economy? No, it’s not Donald Trump. We’re talking about asteroids. These space rocks are probably the greatest threat facing the world today. Like all potentially destructive forces, these harbingers of extinction deserve some respect. And what better way to give these rocky doom-bringers props than with some cool asteroid tattoos?

Asteroids are chunks of rock orbiting the sun. They are composed of shattered pieces of planets that never were. Historically speaking, asteroids have long been considered to be any object orbiting the sun that are nowhere large enough to be considered actual planets and do not have the characteristics of comets. Whereas a comet is made of ice and and dust, an asteroid is made of rocky minerals. To be an asteroid, an object must have a diameter greater than one meter – objects smaller than this are classified as meteoroids.

These asteroids often enter earth’s atmosphere and crash into our planet. Normally, the asteroids that get sucked in by the planet’s gravity are so small that they mostly, if not entirely, burn up in the atmosphere before hitting the ground. But our planet has been smashed quite hard by large asteroids in the past, most notably about 165 million years ago when a massive asteroid collided with earth and set the extinction of the dinosaurs into motion.

Terrifyingly enough, history often repeats itself, and the threat of asteroid-caused mass level extinction still exists. There have been a few close calls in recent times, and sadly the asteroid exploding technologies seen in ‘90s asteroid disaster movies Deep Impact and Armageddon doesn’t really exist yet. With over 1.3 million known and identified asteroids out there, the chance of an impact is not entirely slim.

But asteroids poise a more immediate and less deadly threat. Asteroids are comprised of all sorts of metals, some of them quite valuable, such as gold and platinum. Savvy futurists have already set their sights on these asteroids as mineable objects. What exactly is going to happen to the world economy in a decade or so when some extraterrestrial entrepreneur mines an asteroid and brings home more gold than has ever existed on earth or a chunk of platinum worth more than all of the planet’s economy combined? No one really knows, and this is terrifying. And we’ll only briefly mention the possibility of these bonanzas being covered in a thin layer of germs never before seen on this world…

Asteroids can ruin civilization as we know it in two very different ways. Now that we’ve caused a minor panic, it’s time to roll out the asteroid tattoos. Each of these pieces is a great tribute to one of the most dire threats facing our species and civilization. And we’re not the only ones working hard to bring this information to your attention. Next month marks the observance of Asteroid Day, a day of awareness created in part by Queen guitarist Brian May to remind us all of the dangers of asteroids.

It is important to know the face of your enemy, and these asteroid tattoos are a great portrait of something you should definitely be pondering during those restless nights. The world may not end tomorrow, or even this century, but the threat exists. And hopefully it motivates you to live the life you really want to live. It’d be pretty lame if you’ve just been toiling away at your dead end job just to have earth obliterated by an asteroid next month. Your time here is short. You can do better.

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