These Classic Atari Tattoos Will Hold Up Better Than 1970s Graphics

These Classic Atari Tattoos Will Hold Up Better Than 1970s Graphics

After a major announcement concerning of the future of Atari, we look at some tattoos inspired by its past

This week, Atari shocked the gaming world by announcing its first console in 24 years. Details are vague and speculation rages as to what the machine will be capable of, but there is no denying that Atari is once again in the hardware market which they once dominated nearly four decades ago. In honor of this, we’re bringing you some sick old-school Atari tattoos.

Before Nintendo, Atari was the first juggernaut in the home video game market. They released their classic Atari 2600 in 1977. Retailing for $199 (which adjusted for inflation is like $800 in 2017 dollars), the console was a huge hit and brought video games into countless homes for the first time. Featuring such hits of the day as Asteroids, Pac Man, and Space Invaders, the console was a must-have for the geeks of yesteryear.

Atari was unseated as the champion of console gaming by Nintendo in the mid-’80s, but the company made a valiant effort to keep up in the following decade, releasing both the hand-held Lynx and the Jaguar. But these proved unpopular with the public and the company ceased manufacturing hardware for nearly a quarter of a century.

But now the internet is abuzz with the news of the Ataribox, a sleek new console that Atari plans to release… in the future. With no release date or any specific software titles, we’re all kind of scratching our heads about what exactly this will be. Atari promises both classic and current content, but has released no specifications beyond saying the Ataribox will feature “modern internal specs.” The pictures the company has released show that the console features USB, SD, Ethernet, and HDMI ports.

Who cares what this thing does, we were just itching for any excuse to bring you these classic Atari tattoos. So check them out and allow yourself to be transported back to a time when all video games sucked, but nobody realized it.

If these Atari tattoos make you yearn for one of these new-fangled Atariboxes that means we’ve done another great job at advertising a product for free. If you happen to work for Atari, feel free to send a couple of whatever the fuck these things are to our office whenever the fuck they come out.

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