These Fancy Pomeranian Tattoos Stay Loyal

These Fancy Pomeranian Tattoos Stay Loyal

Here's a litter of dapper Pomeranians that will leave a strong impression on you.

As the proud owner of a Pomeranian, I couldn't help but make this post one of my pet-projects. I scoured the internet to find only the best Pomeranian tattoos to share with you. Now, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this vignette of snuggly fur-balls dressed up in their most formal and luxurious attire. 

Whether in black and grey or color, realistic portraits of Pomeranians are fantastic. When do they never look at their best-in-show, really? Artists who practice this style can capture these little doggies in their utmost adorable states, with tongues hanging, ears perked up, and sparkling tiny shiny noses.

Pomeranian tattoos look even more lovely when they are bordered by classic tattoo imagery, such as minimalist ornamentation or traditional floral work. Depending on the personality of your animal companion — dainty, spunky, etc. — there are a number of motifs than can perfectly compliment the portrait of your beloved pet.

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If your Pom is the vainer sort, they look even cuter when tricked out with fine jewelry. The baller pizza-monster and princess of the house above illustrate just how dashing they look when busting out the bling.

It seems that people like dressing up their Pomeranians in tattoos as well as in real life. The only thing that can make these pups any more adorable is when they sport old-timey costumes. The dapper little gentleman below by Megan Massacre, one of our very own Tattoo Ambassadors, is arguably the best Pom portrait we've ever seen. 

We hope these pieces of body art depicting Pomeranians gave you goo-goo eyes. We will attempt to post more tattoos of specific breeds in the future, so be a watchdog (not an actual breed) and keep a look out. Also, if you're an owner of a cuddly Pom yourself, consider tracking down one of these world-class artists to give you a tattoo of your best buddy.

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