These Hip Tattoos By Miryam Lumpini Don't Lie

These Hip Tattoos By Miryam Lumpini Don't Lie

The hips are where we derive most of our power and balance, and these tattoos by Miryam Lumpini celebrate a crucial part of our bodies!

At age 17, Miryam Lumpini began tattooing in Sweden. Seeing her massive potential, Zeal Tattoo offered her an apprenticeship, and the rest is history. After winning numerous accolades in Sweden and being nationally recognized as a great tattoo artist, she took her talents to the West Coast of the U.S.

Lumpini has a bright future ahead of her as a legit badass tattoo artist and these hip pieces should help you recognize that.

Check out "The Witchdoctor" on Instagram and get all of her artistic updates. 

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