These John Deere Tattoos Have Us Seeing Green

These John Deere Tattoos Have Us Seeing Green

John Deere is a name that’s near and dear to the hearts of America’s heartland.

I have fond memories of being a very wee child on my grandfather’s lap, riding around on his green John Deere 318 lawnmower. He loved that mower, and without any concept of what entertainment really was, I loved it too. He even got me a little pedal-powered John Deere that I would ride around his driveway. To my two or three year old self, this was what America was all about. John Deere. It is thus in celebration of America that we bring you these John Deere tattoos.

The company’s story starts in 1836 when a young John Deere moved from Vermont to avoid his debts and settled in Grand Detour, Illinois. Deere, already a skilled blacksmith, opened a large workshop and became essentially the village repairman. Deere hit the big time when he invented the self-scouring steel plow. This device quickly became indispensable to agriculture in America. He quickly parlayed this into an agricultural tool manufacturing empire.

The company stayed strong the rest of the 19th century, and come the early 20th century, they had begun their first forays into manufacturing tractors. In 1918, John Deere bought the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in Waterloo, Iowa and sold their Waterloo Boy tractors for 5 years before introducing the very first John Deere tractor, the model D. Their line of gas-powered equipment soon expanded to include combine harvesters.

John Deere’s models were all hits with farmers, the company continued to grow and expand its line. And now, all these years later, John Deere is still synonymous with quality tractors, just as Tattoodo is synonymous with quality tattoo media. We’re rolling out some John Deere tattoos in honor of Mr. Deere’s success at attaining the American dream – running away from debt and becoming successful.

Don’t these John Deere tattoos just make you want to become a farmer? Our advice? Don’t. Most farm work will be done by drones in the next 5-10 years and it will be a dead skill set and total waste of your time. We just hope those drones are green and manufactured by John Deere.

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