These Pictures Speak: Movie Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

These Pictures Speak: Movie Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

A picture may be worth a thousand words but these movie tattoos prove moving pictures are worth a million!

Movie tattoos are a constant trend in tattooing and it's super easy to understand why: they rule. It's awesome to find a film, or character, that so perfectly aligns with everything you're about and it's even better that you can actually get a piece of it tattooed on your skin to treasure forever. This particular selection of movie tattoos includes some of the most incredible pieces we've seen, but since Cold Gray, Inal Bersekov, and the others so often put out insanely mind-blowing beautiful work, it's not really a surprise. We find ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to admire their work, and it kind gives us the itch to go get our own.

From animated films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Toy Story to cult classics like The Godfather and Pulp Fiction, it's clear that there are some movies that just stick with us and these movie tattoos prove it. Isn't it incredible when someone creates something that so many people deeply love and cherish? Seriously, the first time we saw The Godfather we were amazed we had to watch the second and third one immediately, and then we loved The Godfather Part 2 so much that we had to watch it four times in a row. No joke. That's just how favorite movies work. And you may not be able to be the type of person who can watch a movie over and over just because you love it so much, but isn't that kind of what you're doing what you get that movie tattoo? You love it so much, you'll never get tired of it...and we think that's sort of the epitome of true love anyhow.

Plus, it's way easier to fall in love with a movie than it is a getting a movie tattoo instead of your girlfriend or boyfriends name tattooed on you just seems like the better way to go. Not that we each their own. But we're sticking with movie tattoos. Just sayin'. :-D

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