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These Pictures Speak: Movie Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

These Pictures Speak: Movie Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

A picture may be worth a thousand words but these movie tattoos prove moving pictures are worth a million!

Movie tattoos are a constant trend in tattooing and it's super easy to understand why: they rule. It's awesome to find a film, or character, that so perfectly aligns with everything you're about and it's even better that you can actually get a piece of it tattooed on your skin to treasure forever. This particular selection of movie tattoos includes some of the most incredible pieces we've seen, but since Cold Gray, Inal Bersekov, and the others so often put out insanely mind-blowing beautiful work, it's not really a surprise. We find ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to admire their work, and it kind gives us the itch to go get our own.

Written byTattoodo

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