These Stunning Preggy Ladies Are On Their Way To Be Cool Tattooed Moms

These Stunning Preggy Ladies Are On Their Way To Be Cool Tattooed Moms

And without a doubt, these ladies will go on to raise such badass kids with an eye for good tattoos!

As we all know, tattoos make nearly everything at least ten times better. Seeing tattooed moms and dads, we're almost surprised to see them having blank babies. Kidding aside, you can't deny how good these tattooed moms-to-be look. 

But as tempting as the idea may seem, stay out of tattoo shops while you're pregnant. You never know how it can affect your little one! For more friendly info about pregnancy and tattoos, you may read more about it here.

See the rest of the photos of this fun shoot with spunky pregnant lady, Mateia here.

It's back to the 50's with this rockabilly couple — welcoming their little one with some honky-tonk tunes!

The family that laughs together stays together.

One picturesque maternity shoot for a picturesque couple.

Now that you're eating for two, you can cut back on the strict diet and take it easy for you and your baby.

Cheering all the strong mommies who won't need no man just so they can call it a family.

Loving the way she rocked that fairytale pastel hair!

Who says you can't look this nice while being six months heavy?

GRL PWR all the way.

Staying fit with the daddy!

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