These Tasmanian Devil Tattoos Are a Tornado of Excellent Taste

These Tasmanian Devil Tattoos Are a Tornado of Excellent Taste

The Tasmanian Devil has been one of the most popular tattoos for over half a century with good reason

When I was but a lad, before tattoos were everywhere, there was one repeated motif I often witnessed in the tattoos I did come across in pre-internet America. I’m speaking, of course, about Tasmanian Devil tattoos. For some reason, Taz has proven time and time again to be the seemingly most popular cartoon character when it comes to tattoos. The sheer amount of Taz tattoos in this world is shocking. Or is it? Let’s take a look at the fuzzy little guy and try to figure out what all the hype’s about.

The Tasmanian Devil might just be Australia’s greatest cultural ambassador, edging out luminaries such as Yahoo Serious and a couple of guys with “crocodile” in their name.  Would we even know the island of Tasmania existed if it weren’t for this whirling tornado of destruction? Probably not.

Taz made his first appearance in 1954, and ever since this shining piece of Warner Brothers’ intellectual property has been popping up in tattoo ink throughout the world. He was created by legendary animator Robert McKimson and quickly became a mainstay in the expanding stable of Looney Toons characters. Even among superstars like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Taz proved to be a breakout star.

In 1991 Taz got an honor few Looney Toons ever enjoy – his own series. Running for 65 episodes over four seasons, Taz-Mania was a well-written look at the world of Tasmania chock full of jokes that actually hold up. Later that decade, he helped save the Earth from an alien invasion while playing for the Toon Squad (the greatest basketball team ever assembled) in Space Jam alongside such magnanimous athletes like Michael Jordan and Bill Murray.

But as time goes on, Taz may come to be best remembered as one of the most popular pieces of imagery in the history of tattooing. There are just so many Tasmanian Devil tattoos out there across the world. You could fill swimming pools with these things. Just check out these awesome Taz tattoos and you’ll quickly understand the tattoo love this devilish little critter gets.

Sporting a Tasmanian Devil tattoo says a lot about a person. Chiefly, that they are a human overflowing with good taste. Why not join their masses and get the world’s millionth Taz tattoo?

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