These Tattoos Always Pay Their Debts — A Look at House Lannister

These Tattoos Always Pay Their Debts — A Look at House Lannister

Game of Thrones is coming back on Sunday, so let’s take some time to focus on the house we love to hate — House Lannister.

After waiting for a winter that seemingly lasted even longer than The Long Night, Game of Thrones is finally returning for its seventh season. Before we jump back into all the drama and intrigue going on in Westeros, we wanted to take a look at some of our favorite houses from the series. Alongside each article we’ll be throwing up tattoos of the house’s sigil, some of them directly taken from the show, others just the same beautiful iconography. Be warned, SPOILERS FOLLOW, so if you haven’t caught up on the series you might want to go look at these Harry Potter tattoos instead. For the rest of you, let’s spend some time with mighty House Lannister.

Is there any more morally ambiguous group of characters in Westeros than those in House Lannister? Each of the Lannisters (with the possible exception of Joffrey) has proven to be capable of performing incredibly honorable deeds (a rarity in Westeros), as well as some of the most treacherous acts imaginable.

Take Jaime, for example. The second we meet the dude he is not only boinking his sister, a generally agreed upon no-no of polite society, but then he pushes a child out of a castle tower. So as a viewer you care completely ready to accept that this is the biggest asshole in the known world, a reputation further cemented when he kills his own cousin in a failed attempt to escape the Starks. But then he saves Brienne from a bear. And rescues Tyrion. And goes on a hilarious adventure with Bronn. Who is the real Jaime? Damned if I know.

In Tyrion you see the opposite sort of arc. He starts off as a boozehound and whoremonger, but he would never hurt a fly. Granted, he’ll insult the hell out of you and win every single battle of wits, but he won’t raise a fist. Then he torches a couple hundred Baratheon sailors, strangles the love of his life, kills his father, and prepares to bring death upon the rest of King’s Landing (and his family) alongside the Mother of Dragons. Uh, what? That’s a hell of a shift in morals and beliefs.

This is what makes the characters of House Lannister so fantastic — they turn the idea of picking sides as a fan of the show on its head. Your average viewer was quickly won over by the charm of the funny imp, just as they were quick to loathe the arrogant rich and handsome routine from Jaime. But here we are about to start season seven and it’s near impossible to tell which one of the brothers is supposed to “the good guy.” Is it the one who killed his father or the one that murdered a cousin? And is “the bad guy” the one that single-handedly saved King’s Landing or the one that risked everything to prevent his brother from being executed?

Of course, there is one thing that we can all agree on — Cersei sucks. Even when you give her a small tip of the cap for the devotion she shows to her children, we can’t overlook all the other insanely evil shit that she does.

So what’s going to happen to this house of contradictions? We have to wait until Sunday to find out! But until then, peep some Lannister tattoos. 

The imp by Chris Jones. (Via IG - chrisjonestattoos)

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Unfortunately we couldn't find a tattoo of Tywin Lannister literally shitting gold, but we think the gallery we assembled is pretty solid even without it. If you are as hyped about Game of Thrones as we are, you're going to want to check out these House Tyrell tattoos as well. 

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