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These Tattoos Are Totally Hard-Korea

These Tattoos Are Totally Hard-Korea

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We look at the Korean Peninsula, the Korean War, some traditional Korean tattoos, and even Starcraft

The world owes a great debt to the classic television series M*A*S*H*. This brilliant sitcom is probably the only reason I know about the Korean War — the forgotten war. I took many history classes in high school and college, and it just never came up. Thankfully, I grew up with Alan Alda giving me a maudlin portrait of life in an mobile army hospital during wartime.

But let’s not bum ourselves out too much looking at North Korea when things are so much brighter to the south. Sure, at present it may seem like a bumpy time in South Korea’s history. The president has been impeached and the head of Samsung is rotting in jail, but there’s still plenty of great stuff going on.

South Korean food is also totally top notch. The most popular and historic Korean dish is kimchi. Somehow, some Korean back in ancient history got the idea to let cabbage ferment underground. While this may sound disgusting, it is improbably delicious.

(Please note, while highly educational, M*A*S*H* is not without sin. The first season featured a black surgeon named Spearchucker. He was cut from the series not because of his racially charged name, but because the producers wanted to focus more on Hawkeye and Trapper. Never forget the Korean War. Never forget the racism of CBS Television.)

Servo Jefferson
Written byServo Jefferson

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