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These Tattoos Have Given Us a Case of Tulip Mania

These Tattoos Have Given Us a Case of Tulip Mania

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

We’re looking at tattoos of this beautiful flower that was once the hottest commodity on the market

Throughout history, mankind has placed a great value of the aesthetic beauty of flowers. Ancient Greeks and Romans cultivated many different types of flowers in order to beautify the world they lived in. And why not? Flowers are pretty and they smell good. Beyond that, their applications are a bit limited to the layperson, but they’re a cheap investment. Flowers produce the means of production for more flowers, making them a cheap investment. But for no logical reason whatsoever, for a brief time in the 17th century a flower became quite possibly the most valuable thing on the planet.

These tulip tattoos are positively flowering with beauty. Hopefully we’ve planted some seeds that might inspire you to start thinking about a tulip tattoo. Or maybe a Venus Flytrap.

Servo Jefferson
Written byServo Jefferson

servo is a writer based in the tri-state area, though he is unsure what the third state actually is. when not writing about tattoos, servo runs a small record label, goes on countless tours and adventures, and enjoys putting together Japanese model kits of robots. the texture of Styrofoam makes him want to vomit.

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