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These Will Totally Kill You: Seriously Smoking Tattoos

These Will Totally Kill You: Seriously Smoking Tattoos

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Cigarettes, cigars, and spliffs...we promise these smoking tattoos won't give you cancer.

If you've ever watched Mad Men you know that smoking was a huge business...around 45 percent of Americans were smokers in 1965. Today, that stat is not as strong...thanks to all the scientific findings that show how dangerous it is to physical health. About 15 percent of Americans smoke today...and perhaps that is exactly who is getting these smoking tattoos. Or maybe the people who get smoking tattoos are actually the people who quit and just like to remember how much they love the taste of a relaxing cigarette after many vigorous activities.

It's kind of interesting to find out that smoking, and chewing tobacco, was used mainly in Shamanic practices dating all the way back to 4000 BC. Fast forward a few centuries later and legend tells that Chris Columbus was given tobacco leaves by the Native Americans..apparently it didn't really catch on until the mid 16th century when adventurers, explorers, and diplomats started to make names for themselves with travel and discoveries. As far as the history of smoking goes, France's Jean Nicot, for which nicotine is named, introduced snuff and tobacco to the French court, and we've been enamored ever since. Like, aren't these smoking tattoos total proof of that?

Yes, smoking is bad for you...we get that. Sometimes we miss the absolute glee we felt in opening up a new pack of Nat Sherman cigarettes, sticking the gold filter in between our lips, and sucking in that sweet sweet stress reliever. Maybe we should get a smoking tattoo hello, is there anything more cool than James Dean smoking a cigarette? In any case, even if you could not care less about cigarettes...we think these smoking tattoos are just as beautiful and inspiring as any other tattoo theme we put together. And we hope you enjoy it as much as we used to enjoy cigarettes!

Written byTattoodo

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