Thick and Vibrant Traditional Tattoos by Eddie Czaicki

Thick and Vibrant Traditional Tattoos by Eddie Czaicki

A beautiful tattoo by Eddie Czaicki just might pump up that trad love.

Vibrant colors enclosed in solid, crisp line work. Traditional tattoos, I must admit, are at the top of my tattoo loves. Eddie Czaicki makes some of the most solid and vibrant traditional tattoos out there today.

Eddie Czaicki is a solid tattooer working in Paris. His tattoo style is his own twist on the classic western traditional. Traditional style tattoos are definitely at the top of my list when it comes to the best tattoos out there, and a tattoo by Eddie Czaicki shows just how much fun you can have with the style. Using vibrant, intense and pastel colors beside solid lines and blacks, Eddie Czaicki executes his tattoos in such a clean and solid manner which looks terrific under the skin.

Have fun with these thick and vibrant traditional tattoos by Eddie Czaicki.

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