Thieves Of Tower: New Neck Castle Tattoo

Thieves Of Tower: New Neck Castle Tattoo

If you can't get enough of tattoos by Thieves Of Tower, check out their most recent piece: A chest castle tattoo

'Thieves Of Tower' is an artistic collaboration between two tattooists: Houston Patton and Dagny Fox.

We featured some of their initial work back on Tattoodo last year - Thieves Of Tower: A Collaboration of Dagny and Houston.

Since then, Thieves Of Tower have gone on to create even more epic castle and tower tattoos and this week posted a photo of an epic neck piece made from black castles which has had an amazing response on Instagram.

Things had been quiet on their accounts lately, with messages of a new website and product brand being mentioned, along with ongoing beautiful artworks and photos of previous tattoos.

Last year, a message on Instagram read:

"Very excited for the upcoming relaunch of the site and our new collection of creepy, wearable thangs and luxury prints. ;) thank you all for the outrageous support..."

Can't wait to see what's next from Thieves Of Tower.

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