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Third Eye Not Blind: Incredible Eye Tattoos

Third Eye Not Blind: Incredible Eye Tattoos

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This selection of eye tattoos will have your third eye wide open and full of enlightenment. This is some incredible ink.

Have you been awakened? Or are you still sleepwalking through this life? If you're looking for something to pop open your eyes, we advise to check out some of these eye tattoos...a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment, and the deeper levels within us all, many of these eye tattoos are depictions of the eye within: our third eye. 

If we were forced to pick a favorite piece from this collection, it would probably have to be Robert Ryan's portrait of the Goddess Kali. You may be wondering what her third eye may mean; it is "the ‘eye of insight’ in the forehead of an image of a deity, especially the god Shiva." Kali may look vicious, usually, but "Kali is not always thought of as a Dark Goddess. Despite Kali's origins in battle, She evolved to a full-fledged symbol of Mother Nature in Her creative, nurturing and devouring aspects. She is referred to as a great and loving primordial Mother Goddess in the Hindu tantric tradition. In this aspect, as Mother Goddess, She is referred to as Kali Ma, meaning Kali Mother, and millions of Hindus revere Her as such."

You've probably also hear that psychedelics can awaken you within, opening your third eye to all. For example, in a Rolling Stones article, Dr. Strassman speaks about his research into the subject, specifically with the drug DMT. "DMT actually naturally occurs in the human body, and is particularly present in the lungs. Strassman says it may also be found in the pineal gland – the small part of the brain associated with the mind’s “third eye.” The effects of overly active DMT when ingested via ayahuasca can last for hours. But taken on its own – that is, smoked or injected – and your high lasts only a few minutes, according to Strassman."

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