This Is Not Fake News: Someone Has a Trump/Philadelphia Eagles Tattoo

This Is Not Fake News: Someone Has a Trump/Philadelphia Eagles Tattoo

For reasons unbeknownst to many, someone combined their love of the Philadelphia Eagles and Donald Trump into a really weird tattoo.

Sports fans do a lot of goofy things, especially when it comes to tattoos. They'll get tattoos to celebrate championships, they'll get tattoos predicting championships, and sometimes, for reasons that we cannot even fathom, they will get tattoos of Donald Trump mashed up with their favorite team's logo. 

We're going to give you a second to let that sink in for you. Eagles fans have never been known for being the most reasonable people — this is the fan base that actively boos Santa Claus and cheers when opposing players break their neck — but this tattoo is still beyond belief. 

Donald Trump as the Eagles logo? Yup. (Via Twitter - nflrt) #sports #nfl #trump

The inspiration for the ridiculous tattoo came from an article Uproxx ran back in 2015, when Trump's presidential candidacy was little more than an easy gag. In the article, David Rappoccio imagined what every logo of the NFL would look like if The Donald gave them a makeover. It was silly and good for a couple of laughs, especially the Dolphins logo, and then we all moved on. Except for this Eagle fan, who unfortunately is still anonymous. 

Seriously, if you know who this person is please bring it to our attention. We need to know what exactly would possess somebody to combine their love of a (mediocre at best) football team, and the 45th president of the United States. Do they have a similar tattoo with Mike Pence as the Philly Phanatic? Perhaps, Steve Bannon wearing a Flyers sweater? Or do they pay homage to the beloved ECW with a portrait of Sean Spicer in full Paul E. Dangerously gear? Now, that would be an amazing way to show love for Philly and the current administration. Oh please God let any of these tattoos become a reality.  

This really is one of the stranger tattoos we have ever seen. And while we are not particular fans of either the Eagles or the Donald, this tattoo did give us all a good chuckle, and who doesn't need one of those these days? 

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