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This Picture is Worth a Thousand Songs: Musician Tattoos

This Picture is Worth a Thousand Songs: Musician Tattoos

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These awesome musician portrait tattoos capture some of our favorite singers, rappers, and more.

Music is one of those things that makes life worth enriches our day to day activities, it brings people together, and it even feel totally cathartic to sing along to it...or blast it from your stereo. No matter how you listen to music, and no matter who yours favorite stars are, we promise you'll totally resonate with these musician tattoos. From a memorial portrait by Goldy Z of Amy Winehouse, to a bad ass piece of Rihanna looking glam af, each of these tattoos have something special...and they perfectly capture the face of some of our favorite musicians.

You gotta wonder how these people would feel if they saw that they were tattooed on someone right? Like, how does Britney Spears feel about her face being on tons of people all over the globe? We guess it's sort of similar to a person wearing a shirt with their face on it, except lasts forever. It's a bit more of a commitment. Nine out of twelve of these musician tattoos also stand in as memorial pieces...Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Lil Peep, and a few others will never that their fans loved them so much that they inked their skin with their faces...but we're sure that they'd love it.

Passed on or still with us, we're super glad that there are people out there so devoted to music that they'd ink themselves with these musician tattoos. It's inspiring how much people love the sounds...and it's inspiring thinking that these people are so talented and driven to create music that people love. Just like tattoos, it's a collaborative art form. You can have tattoos or music without someone to enjoy it artist needs a canvas, just like a musician needs an audience. We often make art for ourselves too, but isn't it better to share what sparks our love of life?

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