Thorn Walker: Lethally Stunning Blackwork Aesthetic

Thorn Walker: Lethally Stunning Blackwork Aesthetic

Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Thorn Walker hides behind a mask, all the while tattooing deadly, borderline minimalist blackwork pieces.

Blackwork fans will delight in resident Crooked Dagger tattoo artist Thorn Walker's dark creations. Tattooing alongside fellow blackwork artist, Levi Rivoire, Thorn Walker excels in linework that's subtle yet bold enough to make an impression, in contrast to Rivoire's bold and heavy blackwork style. His works feature mostly nude women, bondage, skulls, and roses. They exude every bit of classy fatality in them.

Crooked Dagger opened in Los Angeles only early this year, the same time Thorn put on a mask and took the artistic alias to start fresh at the new shop. The tattoo artist currently keeps his identity a secret but it's definitely no secret when it comes to his skills as a tattooer. It seems that he's merely adapting a new artistic identity and found a perfect opportunity as they open a new shop.

Blackwork tattoo by Thorn Walker. #ThornWalker #blackwork #alternative #rose

And did I mention how stunning his Instagram feed is? I immediately fell in love with the cream-colored flashed and the pastel photo aesthetics. They're striking contrasts to the dark imagery-heavy blackwork pieces.

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