Tiger Tattoos and the Inspiration Behind Them

Tiger Tattoos and the Inspiration Behind Them

Tigers are one of the most dangerous animals, which makes them terrible as pets, but great for tattoos.

Get ready to go back to school with our new series, Dropping Knowledge. We've packaged together some of our favorite tattoos with interesting facts that we probably should have learned in class. Think of this as a way to beef up your Jeopardy! skills while appreciating beautiful tattoo art. Today's biology lesson takes us to the jungle, into the realm of the fierce tiger. 

Let’s talk about cats. Do you know what the biggest cat in the entire world is? Yes, you’re right. In terms of popularity, it is Garfield. But we’re talking size here, and no cat is bigger than a tiger. (Editor’s Note: Hercules, a Liger living in South Carolina actually holds this record.) Tigers are pretty fucking kick ass, if you ask me. They’re apex predators, which means this motherfucking cat is at the top of the food chain. No one is making a meal of a tiger.

If you had to get a tattoo of an animal, a tiger really isn’t a bad choice. They’re fierce hunters, just like you are. They have a level of quickness and cunning similar to your own. And they’re super pretty, just like you.

You definitely do not want to fuck with a tiger if you are ever afforded such an opportunity. These nasty cats are responsible for more human deaths through direct attack than any other wild animal. Fuck, the Champawat Tiger was responsible for like 430 human deaths at the turn of the 20th century. That’s one tiger.

Thankfully, humanity has not taken this feline threat lightly. Over the last 100 years, human activities have reduced the tiger’s natural area by 93%. Their numbers have been decimated to a present-day 3,000-4,000 individuals, down from over 100,000 over the last century.

What better way to honor what will soon be just a memory than with a sweet tiger tattoo? All of these pieces make us want to disregard everything we know about tigers and rush out to pet the nearest one.

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