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Time For Some Animal Friends with Sylvie le Sylvie

Time For Some Animal Friends with Sylvie le Sylvie

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

The Vancouver-based artist's black work is gorgeous, tender, and highly pet-able.

There is some seriously incredible talent coming out of the Pacific Northwest right now. There are brightly colored psychedelic tattoos, there are tender little handpokes, there's impeccable gothic work, there's some good old traditional. So, the illustrative black line work of Sylvie le Sylvie fits right in with a team of champions. Sylvie's work is detailed and playful, like something right out of a picture book, and we can't stop staring.

Sylvie's line work is tight and precise, without being mechanical. The way they stipple and shade gives their animals depth and shape, and creates a sense of light without being too heavy-handed. To some degree, the precision of their line allows for some practical imprecision, some intentional swish of a fur or wrinkle of a brow. It's what gives each animal its own gaze and glare, its own jaunty walk or flight of fancy.

The way Sylvie uses hatch marks is also markedly illustrative, and shows a craftsmanship to admire. Length of hatch or direction of mark gives furrier creatures a texture as well as a pattern, or critters with a harder shell a marked sense of grain. Our squirrel friend here looks absolutely fuzzy, but also like he's got tattoos of his own. He could easily be a screenprint or a woodblock.

Hop on over to Sylvie's Instagram for some more wonderful line work. They work between Nelson, British Colombia at Timber Tattoo Company, and at Black Medicine over in Vancouver, BC, so if you're wandering around the great northwest of Canada, check them out.

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