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Time Is Of The Essence, But Not For These Timeless Hourglass Tattoos

Time Is Of The Essence, But Not For These Timeless Hourglass Tattoos

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These hourglass tattoos will remind you that time runs out for us all, so it's best to enjoy it while you have it!

Time passes for us all, in many different ways, but pass it does. Your perspective, your experience...these are all terribly special things, things to hold dear, especially as the length of time for all of us is an unknown thread that one day will break and unravel. While you're on this earth you should enjoy your time, and as the past few days, weeks, and months have proven, take advantage of all that there is here. These hourglass tattoos should remind you of all of these things. How slowly it passes sometimes, but when it's over it's as if it went too quickly.

There are many ways to appreciate the time that you have been given, but one thing is for certain: to fully experience this life fully is to constantly be in the moment. Perhaps these hourglass tattoos make you think of many different things, but surely when you're being tattooed it's a perfect example of this tenet. Some people don't enjoy the pain, and like to escape, while others will enjoy it, but to be sure...that pain you feel when being tattooed almost forces you to be in the moment, to feel what you're feeling, and to be where you are.

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our jobs, our daily lives, our anger, pain, or even happiness, that we forget to be in the moment and to feel the actual fiber of time within our grasp. Have you ever driven home, you're thinking about something so deeply, that when you get to your house you sort of forget the drive there? Or you eat so quickly that you don't actually even remember what it tastes like? These hourglass tattoos are a perfect reminder to not let these things pass so easily, because your life passes so quickly. Be here now. Enjoy here now.

Written byTattoodo

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