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Time to Go on a Trip with Aleksy Marcinow

Time to Go on a Trip with Aleksy Marcinow

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Looking at this guy's tattoos would make you think you licked a toad.

It's time for a dose, not as in LSD (but it might as well be), of original body art. Aleksy Marcinow makes some of the more refined trippy tattoos out there, and talk about out there, his work is a mixture between serene beauty and a wicked psychotropic cocktail. Get ready to have your mind blown, because here's a couple blotters' worth of his work to expand your consciousness in terms of the shape tattoos can take. 

A cardinal by Aleksy Marcinow (IG—aleksymarcinow). #AlekseyMarcinow #cardinal #trippy #Unique

Marcinow is one of a handful of artists (see: David Cote's work) who are pushing the envelope in terms of how the silhouettes of tattoos can be manipulated for a visually striking and overall "psychedelic" effect. His signature take on this avant-garde and somewhat surreal aesthetic is notable for its compositional grace as well as somewhat of a zany sense of humor. For instance, his take on the classic Japanese koi and the cardinal above demonstrate his tamer take on this radical style, while something like the piece of pizza below can make you feel like you took one hit too many.

The way that Marcinow transforms common motifs into visually refreshing pieces of body art is the most entertaining aspect of his work. Overused images, such as skulls and the classic disembodied hand become bizarrely nuanced if he's behind the tattoo machine. In his skilled hands, skeletons wear crowns of barbed wire and spurt pus from their eyes, and speaking of eyes, his cats' zap lightning. Just look at how he makes Mickey Mouse with devil horns look like the toon was from Hunter S. Thompson's unwritten book Fear and Loathing in Disney Land.

If you want to see more of Marcinow's wonderful body art, make your way over to his Instagram. He tattoos at Eisenherz Tattoo and Piercing in Magdeburg, Germany and The Circle in London, England. Should you want a piece by him he can be reached at

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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