Timeless Traditional by Vic James

Timeless Traditional by Vic James

It doesn't matter if the year is 1950, 2017, or 2222, this tattooist's work will always be in style.

Art is constantly evolving and changing as styles come and go with dizzying pace. One minute something will be the next big thing and before you know it that thing is completely passé. Given this fickle nature it is only the most legitimate art styles that survive over the years. In tattooing this means traditional, and Vic James is a traditional artist that is simply killing it right now. 

Now, don't be mistaken into thinking that James isn't creating amazing work simply because he is working in a tried and true style. Would you say that Jackson Pollock was the same as every other artist that worked in abstract? No, of course not! 

What James has done is taken the framework laid by the tattooers before him and found a way to make it his own. Bold colors. Thick black lines. Certain motifs including eagles and roses. These are the staples of traditional tattoos and James incorporates them all into his work. And then he messes with the colorization in intriguing ways. Or he combines two motifs that usually stand on their own into an impressive mashup.  

How cool is that? Artists are often lauded for thinking outside of the box, but there is something truly impressive about artists like James that stay within certain parameters (the box, if you will) but manage to wow viewers with an innovation. 

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James is acutely aware of all of those who came before him and clearly wants to follow in their footsteps. As seen on his Instagram, James routinely does Flash Days, often using the flash of legends like Amund Dietzel. 

Vic James plies his trade at Lighthouse Tattoo in Sydney, Australia, so head Down Under to get a timeless tattoo that will always be in style, even if you run wild with a time machine. 

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