Tiny Tattoos That Will Make You Squeal!

Tiny Tattoos That Will Make You Squeal!

Tiny tattoos are perfect for those not ready to commit to something huge, and for the collector with very little empty space left.

Tattoo culture can be pretty aggressive and intimidating from the outside looking in. People who aren't well-versed in the various types of tattoos or how artists work can feel a bit overwhelmed when they are thinking about getting their first tattoo. 

That's why these subtle, tiny tattoos are perfect jumping off points for those who are looking to dip their toes into the scene. They let you ease your way into being a tattoo collector. That being said, these small pieces are also perfect for the tattoo enthusiast with only a few gaps left to fill. 

Now, don't be mistaken into believing that just because a tattoo is small that it isn't something to be admired, or that the artist isn't skilled. Some of these pieces require extreme precision, often with a single needle, in order to pack a massive amount into a minuscule spot. 

Part of the risk of working on such small tattoos is that every mistake — any stray mark, any blown out line — is glaringly obvious. Things can be hidden in the middle of a full back piece, but in a tattoo that is only 4 square inches? Not so much. 

Whether it's your very first tattoo, or a gap filler covering up your very last spot of virgin skin, these tiny tattoos are simply superb. 

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