TLC to Launch Series "Tattoo Girls" About a Shop in Missouri

TLC to Launch Series "Tattoo Girls" About a Shop in Missouri

If you want to watch even more television about tattoos, you're in luck.

If you turn on your television and flip through the channels and think, "I wish there were more shows about tattoo studios on the air," you're in luck! TLC is going to debut a new television show called Tattoo Girls and it will follow an all-female tattoo studio.

The series is set to debut on January 24, 2017 and will follow the hijinks of the ladies of Ink Ink Tattoo. The shop is located in Springfield, Missouri and will focus on the relationships and professional dealings of the women who run the shop.

"And maybe someday, Brad Pitt!"

The women of Ink Ink. (via IG—inkinktat) #InkInk #TLC #TattooGirls

The series will be six episodes and is unscripted. The shop's owner, Kelsey, is very excited about the show's run on TLC and based on her opening remarks, it should be a real hoot of a show.

"Ink Ink is the only all-female tattoo shop in the Midwest," Kelsey said. "People travel from everywhere to get tattooed by us... We get clients of all kinds. We get mothers and daughters, country boys, grandmas, farmers, punks, even the mayor. And maybe someday, Brad Pitt!"

Kelsey, the owner of Ink Ink. (via IG—inkinktat) #InkInk #TLC #TattooGirls

There is sure to be some drama involved in the show to make it interesting and entertaining. After all, that's what reality TV is all about. Plus, the shop boasts artists who are well-versed in a variety of styles, so we'll get to see some rad tattoos as well.

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The ladies of "Tattoo Girls." (via IG—inkinktat) #InkInk #TLC #TattooGirls

Hopefully these ladies will find mainstream success with the debut of their show. It definitely sounds like an interesting premise and I can't wait to see what goes down at Ink Ink.

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