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To See Beyond Reality: Psychedelic Eye Tattoos

To See Beyond Reality: Psychedelic Eye Tattoos

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This collection of psychedelic eye tattoos will awaken your desire to see beyond reality...and get some super cool ink.

Obviously there are about a billion different ways to do a tattoo...eye tattoos in particular are usually known to be down super realistically. Which is awesome! But it's also sweet when you teach an old dog new for this collection of eye tattoos we gathered some up that put a lil psychedelic twist on this iconic design. Each of these pieces has aspects of surrealism...merging a real life physical thing with dreamlike elements. It makes for a composition that is eye arresting, partly due to the artistry but also partly due to the complete strangeness and uniqueness of the art.

What is also interesting about these eye tattoos is, indeed, their connection to the psychedelic. Over the centuries many cultures have used psychotropic drugs to achieve enlightenment and to open the third eye. As the dictionary puts it the third eye is "the locus of occult power and wisdom in the forehead of a deity, especially the god Shiva." This particular definition has strains in Hinduism, but many cultures and religions have used psychoactive drugs to achieve deeper awareness into life. All in all, the third eye is about insight past the ordinary reality of things; it is a higher level of perception...and these eye tattoos clearly have connections to these historical and cultural philosophies.

Perhaps the reason why so many artists within the tattoo community resonate with psychoactive drugs, outsider art, mystical religions, and the like, is that those who are tattooed tend to be more open-minded and aware that societal constraints are imaginary...and what better way to embrace that then explore all of the options that life has to offer! These psychedelic eye tattoos are unique, just like you! Just like tattooing should be. If we all thought the same, dressed the same, and got the same tattoos life would be missing that special spark that makes it so nice to live.

Written byTattoodo

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