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'To Separate with Flying Thoughts' - Abstract Tattoos by Mowgli

'To Separate with Flying Thoughts' - Abstract Tattoos by Mowgli

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Abstract graphic tattoos with digital art influences and deep meaning.

Mowgli is a self defined tattoo artist/graphic/musician who works at Through My Third Eye, in London. 

Mowgli creates unbelievable abstract tattoos, which blend crazy geometric designs with beautiful sketch style images. He tattoos in mostly blackwork, but many of his tattoos have a striking flash of color, sometimes just one line. Simple, but impossible to miss. He also possesses an undeniable talent for portraits, as can be seen in the tattoo lower down in this post with the overlay of two women's faces. 

Each tattoo is filled with detail and each time you look at it I find you see it in a new way. For me, the cherry on top is definitely the names he gives to his tattoos. They are extremely thoughtful and give a new and personal meaning to his designs. My personal favorite is "To Separate Flying Thoughts", pictured below. 

Lucky for you, Mowgli's diary have been closed for some while, but are opening up again in October 2016, aka right now! Have a look at Tattoodo's former post on Mowgli here

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Images from Instagram

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