Tommy End is Set to Take the WWE by Storm!

Tommy End is Set to Take the WWE by Storm!

Independent superstar and tattoo lover Tommy End has signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Has the WWE finally found their CM Punk replacement?

With his anti-hero gimmick, extensive tattoos and martial arts fighting style, Dutch wrestler Tommy End isn't too far from former WWE champion CM Punk in both look and character, and as it happens he has recently signed with Punk's former employers. 

Reporting to the WWE's developmental system, NXT End is set to send shock-waves through the wrestling universe and looks like he could pick up where CM Punk left. Of course End is his own man, and the Dutch wrestler has spent the last decade proving himself as one of the finest independent wrestlers in Europe. 

Known for his dark persona and hard hitting fighting style, End is already a well established star with a hardcore following on the independent circuit. You can definitely expect him to make quite the debut in NXT! End also has quite the look with an extensive collection of tattoos.

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Covering his back, chest, arms and legs, End's tattoo collection has work from some of the biggest artists in Europe and it only adds to his awesome look! Be sure to keep an eye out in the coming weeks to see End debut and take the WWE universe by storm! 

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