Tommy Oh's Lit Linework-Based Tattoos

Tommy Oh's Lit Linework-Based Tattoos

Wordplay-loving English tattooer Tommy Oh mixes things up in Toronto with his linework-based tattoos.

Nothing but love for Tommy Oh's thrilling, tempting tattoos of sad girls, comic panel cut-outs, and faceless portraits. Despite its blackwork undertones, Tommy works mostly in a linework-based style that dwells on clean outlines and simplistic designs. He occasionally mixes up thing a bit with pops of colors and minimal dotwork details. His tattoos are composed of both classic tattoo designs and contemporary elements such as a retro comic style and acid color.

Mash-up blackwork rose tattoo by Tommy Oh. #TommyOh #blackwork #dotwork #linework #rose

Tommy Oh (also known as Tommy O'Halloran) started tattooing a couple of years ago since leaving London to pursue art. He currently works alongside Curt Montgomery, a saucy folk art tattooer, and Lydia Marier, a serial sad girl blackworker at Holy Noir Tattoo in Toronto.

See the rest of Tommy's lit linework-based tattoos on his Instagram.

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