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Top 10 Australian Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists

While many of us associate Australia with bright sunny beaches, the country is also well-known for its world-class tattooing, particularly in the realm of Black and Grey Realism.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the best tattooists in Australia working within the Black and Grey Realism style. We hope that this list will assist you in finding the right tattooer for your new Black and Grey masterpiece!

Talented Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists in Sydney

Gino: Powerful Black and Grey Portraits in Sydney

Tattooer Gino, otherwise known by his Instagram handle, “riddledwithink”, possesses a special affinity for Black and Grey Realism often featuring dark and powerful subject matter like: ferocious wild bears, frightening medusa’s, and haunting portraits of late musicians like Lil’ Peep.

For those who love Black and Grey Realism tattoos with attitude, Gino is an artist to look out for!

Working out of the highly renowned Ink Arcade Cronulla shop in Sydney, Gino has made a name for himself through his vivid and eerie imagery, paired with his impeccable shading and soft line work.

Benji Roketlauncha: Hyper-realistic Portraits in Sydney

If you find yourself drawn to the realms of horror, mythology, and portraiture, Benji Rocketlauncha is a bBack and Grey tattoo artist in Sydney who works skillfully with these concepts and designs.

Through his minimal linework, expert shading, and photographic precision, Benji is capable of making any vision dance off the skin.

One of the special features of Benji’s work is the vivid neon accents that he often adds to his designs, making them appear surreal in their nature and highly expressive. 

Angus Wood: Black and Grey Portraits of War and Mythology in Sydney

Angus Wood is a Black and Grey Realism tattooer in Sydney who works with heavy subject matter like the strife of war, concepts of life and death, and the more gruesome aspects of mythology.

This passion for bringing darkness to the light through his art has aided Wood in his journey as a tattooer, garnering attention to his somber, frightening, and powerful imagery.

Working expertly with shadows and highlights, all of Wood’s subject matter is accented by his precision and the absence of color in his designs.

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Talented Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists in Melbourne

Joel Kelly: Versatile Realism Tattoos in Melbourne

For those who get excited by sexy sugar skull portraits, softly shaded roses, and large-scale Black and Grey back pieces, make sure to explore the work of Melbourne tattooer, Joel Kelly.

Working with a wide array of subject matter, Kelly brings film-stills, mythological beings, and celebrities to life through his expert style of Black and Grey Realism. Through his mastery of techniques like gradual shading, Kelly is well-equipped to create life-like representations of almost anything you can dream up.

So if you’re searching for realism tattoos in Melbourne make sure to stop by his current shop, Liquid Silver Tattoos!

Levi Barnett: Masterful Photo-realism Tattoos in Melbourne

If photo-realistic tattoos of late rappers, shattered skulls, and dreamy landscapes are your thing, Australian based tattooer Levi Barnett may be the artist to bring your special project to life.

Barnett’s smooth and precise Black and Grey renderings have earned him the praise of being one of the best realism tattoo artists in Melbourne.

Through using skillful contrast and emotive imagery, Barnett’s tattoos seem to leap off the skin.

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Skull woman tattoo by Levi Barnett. #blackandgrey #realism #skull #woman #LeviBarnett

Insamnia (aka Sam Nugent) – Nightmarish Black and Grey Tattoos in Melbourne

When considering the best realism tattoo artists in Melbourne, Insamnia is a name that can’t be ignored.

This unique and dark tattooer’s world is filled with terrifying and nightmarish imagery, perfectly complimented by his Black and Grey Realism approach.

So, if biomechanical tattoos, demons, and monsters spark your interest, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the distorted and dark visions of Insamnia.

Looking for a face or head tattoo? Insamnia is also well-versed with creating smaller-scale hyper-realistic pieces that work anywhere on the body.

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Illuminati skull hand tattoo by Insamnia. #blackandgrey #realism #skull #allseeingeye #illuminati #Insamnia

Talented Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists in Brisbane

Khan: Buttery Smooth Black and Grey Realism in Brisbane

If you’re searching for the best photo realism tattoo artist in Brisbane, look no further than Khan.

Originally hailing from South Korea, Khan has now made a home in Australia, where he creates incredibly smooth and masterful realism style tattoos.

So if you’re drawn to gripping Black and Grey film stills, or life-like depictions of mythological entities, you’ll fall in love with Khan’s picture-perfect tattoos.

When he’s not tattooing in Australia, Khan also travels frequently to guest spot at various shops throughout Europe and the USA, so if you won’t be in Brisbane anytime soon, you can try and catch him at another shop.

Outside of creating some of the best realistic tattoos, Khan has also been fostering a new style all his own called “neo-fantasy”.

The Tattoo Twins: Double the Photo-realism in Brisbane

The Tattoo Twins are two of the best tattooers in Australia, focused on creating stellar Black and Grey Realism style tattoos.

This beloved duo is capable of crafting buttery smooth large-scale pieces featuring religious iconography, photo-realistic Mac Miller portraits, and everything in between.

If you’re interested in getting a micro, or “tiny” tattoo, The Tattoo Twins are experts in shrinking down all kinds of imagery into legible, detailed portrait tattoos. So whether you’d like to get a tiny tattoo of your beloved pet, or a large-scale piece equipped with god’s and goddesses, Brisbane’s Tattoo Twins have got you covered!

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Talented Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists in Perth

Benjamin Hinchliffe: Moody Black and Grey Realism in Perth

Tattooer Benjamin Hinchliffe breathes life into moody visuals and eerie landscapes through his highly-skilled use of Black and Grey tones.

If you live in Perth and are searching for a talented portrait tattoo artist, Hinchcliffe is an obvious selection due to his extensive portfolio of 3D wildlife, uncanny celebrity portraits, and life-like imagery of all sorts.

So whether you’re searching for the perfect Freddy Mercury tattoo, or a large-scale realism back piece, Hinchliffe is capable of bringing your vision to life!

Sunu Puspita Nala Sebayang: Photo Realism with a Surreal Twist in Perth

Do you find yourself mesmerized by 3D religious iconography and flawless portraiture? If so, then Tattooer Sunu Puspita Nala Sebayang may be the perfect Perth tattoo artist for you!

Sebayang’s custom work utilizes incredible dynamics of shade and light to assist in bringing any subject matter to life upon the skin.

Commonly working with symbols of death, wildlife, spirituality, and religion, Sebayang is well-equipped to handle all of your Black and Grey tattooing needs.

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Talented Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists in New South Wales

Harley Kirkwood: Picture-Perfect Realism Tattoos in New South Wales

Love and death are common themes in artist Harley Kirkwood's tattoos, with imagery ranging from family portraits to grisly realistic horror scenes.

Some of Kirkwood’s greatest work gains inspiration from the realms of heaven and hell, showcasing battles of mythological proportion, and angels that feel backlit and illuminated.

If you live in the Newcastle area and are searching for the best portrait artist near you, Harley Kirkwood is a name to remember!

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Black and grey portrait of a loving couple. Tattoo by Harley Kirkwood. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #couple #love #HarleyKirkwood

Jimi May – Black and Grey Realism Sleeve-Master in New South Wales

Jimi May is a New South Wales tattooer revered for his large-scale scenic Black and Grey tattoos that often feature a soft painterly appearance.

His subject matter draws from the realms of mythology, religious iconography, esoteric symbolism, and sensual feminine forms. Through his stellar composition, buttery textures, and effortless shading, May can bring vitality and energy into any permanent work of art.

Salvador Dali themed half sleeve by Jimi May. #blackandgrey #realism #painterly #Dali #SalvadorDali #JimiMay

Talented Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists in Queensland

Teneile Napoli – The Queen of Realism in Queensland

We couldn’t make a list compiling the best Black and Grey artists in Australia without mentioning celebrated realism tattooer, Teneile Napoli.

Working out of the award-winning Queensland shop, Garage Ink Manor, Napoli is frequently crafting tattoos featuring imagery like haunting memorial portraits and powerful depictions of sensual women.

So if you’re seeking one of the best realistic tattoos available in Queensland, Teneile Napoli is an artist to watch out for!

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Black and grey portrait of music legend, Stevie Nicks. Tattoo by Teneile Napoli. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #StevieNicks #FleetwoodMac #TeneileNapoli

Miss Kimberley: Wildlife Portrait Tattooer in Queensland

Miss Kimberley's tattoo portfolio is packed full of immersive Black and Grey sleeves, beautiful women, wildlife, and floral imagery.

Her highly-skilled use of contrast and impeccable eye for photo-realism lend to her uncanny ability to make art appear real.

Located at the renowned tattoo shop, Garage Ink Manor, Miss Kimberley has become well-known for her attention to detail and incredible portraiture.

So if you love buttery Black and Grey tattoos with an elegance all their own, check out Queensland’s very own, Miss Kimberley.

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Black and grey Russian themed half sleeve by Miss Kimberley. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #Russia #russian #halfsleeve #MissKimberley

Talented Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists in Victoria

Ben Thomas: Elegant Black and Grey Tattooer in Victoria

The mysterious and elegant designs of Victoria-based tattooer Ben Thomas create a somber and compelling world all their own.

Thomas’s most commonly used imagery features rich Black and Grey depictions of sculptures, statues, skulls, and realistic portraiture.

So whether you’re seeking a 3D Buddha statue tattoo or a recreation of a fine art painting, Thomas can skillfully render any subject matter that sparks your interest.

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Black and grey skull tattoo by Ben Thomas. #blackandgrey #realism #skull #BenThomas

Joe Metrix: Black and Grey Excellence in Victoria

Whether he is creating life-like memorial tattoos of Kurt Cobain or powerful 3D Tiger designs, Joe Metrix is always refined in his approach, lending his tattoos a unique fine art feel.

One of Metrix’s specialties is his ability to capture emotions within his portraits through the skillful use of micro-expressions, and emotive posturing.

His smooth Black and Grey masterpieces are sure to leave your jaw hanging open, so if you are searching for the best realism tattooer in the Victoria area, make sure to check out Joe Metrix at The Dark Essence!

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Black and grey realism owl tattoo by Joe Metrix. #blackandgrey #realism #bird #owl #JoeMetrix

Beau Parkman: Photo-realism Master in Victoria

Beau Parkman’s photo-realism tattoos are rich with imagery of ferocious wildlife, late musicians, and esoteric symbolism.

Often depicting motifs representing life and death, Parkman works skillfully with his subject matter, bringing a distinct energy to each piece he creates.

If you’re looking to get a smaller-scale Black and Grey Realism tattoo, Parkman is also well-versed with executing tiny tattoos featuring a wide array of motifs.

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Beautiful black and grey tattoo of a woman smoking. By Beau Parkman. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #woman #smoke #BeauParkman

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