Top 10 Australian Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists

Top 10 Australian Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists

Welcome to the dark side of Australian tattooing...

It's not just all about the sun, sand and surf down here in Australia - today, things are about to get dark. 

Australia is a big country and there are hundreds of artists, but often the battle is finding the right person for you. If you're a fan of black and grey realism tattoos, then these incredible tattooers can bring your ideas to life. 

Benjamin Laukis - The Black Mark Tattoo Studio, Victoria

Benjamin Laukis might just be one the most recognized Australian tattooers. He has a huge online following as people can't help but admire his realistic tattoos of animals, skulls, and portraits. The beautiful swan backpiece featured in the cover photo is also a Benjamin Laukis piece. 

Fresh versus healed - James Bond portrait tattoo by Benjamin Laukis. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #healed #JamesBond #BenjaminLaukis

Harley Kirkwood - Old Faithful Tattoo Studio, New South Wales. 

Love and death are common themes in Harley Kirkwood's tattoos, with imagery ranging from family portraits to grisly realistic horror scenes. 

You can view more of his work here

Black and grey portrait of a loving couple. Tattoo by Harley Kirkwood. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #couple #love #HarleyKirkwood

Levi Barnett - Empire Collective, Victoria

Levi Barnett creates high contrast black and grey tattoos which just pop right off the skin. 

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Skull woman tattoo by Levi Barnett. #blackandgrey #realism #skull #woman #LeviBarnett

Jimi May - Little Tokyo Temple of Art, New South Wales

Jimi May is known for his large, scenic tattoos with a soft and almost painterly look to them. 

Salvador Dali themed half sleeve by Jimi May. #blackandgrey #realism #painterly #Dali #SalvadorDali #JimiMay

Teneile Napoli - Garage Ink Tattoo Studio, Queensland. 

This list wouldn't be complete without the Queen of Australian black and grey tattooing. View more of Teneile Napoli's work here

Black and grey portrait of music legend, Stevie Nicks. Tattoo by Teneile Napoli. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #StevieNicks #FleetwoodMac #TeneileNapoli

Ben ThomasThe Black Mark Tattoo Studio, Victoria

Ben Thomas creates rich black and smooth grey tattoos of sculptures, statues, skulls, and realistic portraits. 

View more of Ben Thomas' black and grey realism tattoos here

Black and grey skull tattoo by Ben Thomas. #blackandgrey #realism #skull #BenThomas

Insamnia (aka Sam Nugent)Oculus Tattoo, Victoria. 

Insamnia will introduce you to the dark side of tattooing with his creepy imagery which you see more of here.

Illuminati skull hand tattoo by Insamnia. #blackandgrey #realism #skull #allseeingeye #illuminati #Insamnia

Miss KimberleyGarage Ink Tattoo Studio, Queensland. 

Miss Kimberley's tattoo portfolio is packed full of black and grey sleeves, beautiful women, animals, and flowers. 

Take a look at more of her work here

Black and grey Russian themed half sleeve by Miss Kimberley. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #Russia #russian #halfsleeve #MissKimberley

Joe MetrixVictims of Ink, Victoria. 

Joe Metrix produces soft and smooth black and grey tattoos, from small one-off pieces to sleeves. You can see more of his work here

Black and grey realism owl tattoo by Joe Metrix. #blackandgrey #realism #bird #owl #JoeMetrix

Beau Parkman  - Victims of Ink, Victoria.  

Beau Parkman generally produces smaller black and grey pieces, but of a wide array of imagery. This tattoo of a lady smoking happens to be one of my favorites. 

If you love it too, check out more of his tattoos here

Beautiful black and grey tattoo of a woman smoking. By Beau Parkman. #blackandgrey #realism #portrait #woman #smoke #BeauParkman

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