Top Class Traditional Tattoos by Mikey Sarratt

Top Class Traditional Tattoos by Mikey Sarratt

Traditional tattoos have never looked so good!

High Noon Tattoo, Phoenix, is home to tattoo artist Mikey Sarratt and his brilliant traditional tattoos. Putting down classic designs with bold colors and high intensity the tattoos of Sarratt make even the brightest of designs look dull- his tattoos are just the bold!!

From creative mandalas to fearsome wolf cowls, Sarratt's strong traditional style has solidified his reputation as one of the best. Proving bold tattoos are still the best tattoos, the work of Sarratt will leave you with a revitalized love of traditional tattoos and all their colorful goodness. Checkout the stunning selection of Sarratt's work below and prepare to be inspired. 

All photos from Mikey's Instagram

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