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Torn From Your Nightmares: Monster Tattoos

Torn From Your Nightmares: Monster Tattoos

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These monster tattoos may be cute, terrifying or hilarious...regardless, we promise you'll love them.

Whats really cool is that monster tattoos could literally be anything. The human imagination is limitless, as is our penchant for merging five different animals to create a new one. Perhaps some of the creepiest monsters are actually humans morphed into animal...check out Boone Naka's piece to get a good idea of what we mean. We didn't get too creepy crawly with this collection of monster tattoos, but we did that on purpose to show that there is a whole world out there...and as Monsters Inc proved: sometimes monsters are actually super cute and cuddly. Just check out the pink furred creature tattoo by Kamil Czapiga!

From Hellraiser to Frankenstein's homemade monster, and even those adorable Gremlins there are tons of movies that show off how we can create some super weird creations, and then breathe life into them through storylines and plots. But this affection for thinking up beasts of an other worldly kind goes deep into the history of mankind. Perhaps the reason why some of these people got their monster tattoos is that not only do they have a deep love for imaginative creatures, but they also realize that this was how we explained things long ago.

Legends, myths, folklore...think about it: the loch ness monster, fairies, the great Sphinx's of Egypt? All man made monsters. Or maybe they really do exist...but we don't have time for a conversation about creation myths and the magic of the world! Not to mention dragons...which we commonly see in the tattoo community, because they're powerful and beautiful creatures that transcend time or place. Hopefully these monster tattoos inspire you, and if you need more inspiration: check out our app! We have tons of artists, shops, and an insane archive of tattoos just for you! You can also upload your own ink, save your favorites, and book an appointment with the artists or shop of your dreams.

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