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Tory Lanez Reveals Meaning Behind His Tattoo Collection!

Tory Lanez Reveals Meaning Behind His Tattoo Collection!

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The story behind his first tattoo is pretty unreal...

Tory Lanez hasn't been around the mainstream for long, but he is quickly rising to the top of the charts with his smooth voice and beats. 

During an interview with iHeart Radio, Lanez revealed some background info on what his tattoos meant to him and why he got them. 

He got his first tattoo, which is located on his inner right wrist when he was just 16. The tattoo is of musical notes. He explained in the interview that it means so much to him, but not just because it was his first one. After he had gotten it done, on his drive back, he was listening to a CD in his car. He said he was tired of listening to it and decided to eject it. At that moment, the radio came on and he heard, for the first time ever, his song on the radio. The song was called Internet Girl. 

If that's not destiny giving you a sign, I don't know what is.  

He also has a huge ''1992'' numeral tattooed on his stomach. Inside the letters are angels playing music. 

The meaning behind this is pretty simple: it's his birth year. He says he loves 1992 as a year and that he finds it weird when he hears other birth years earlier than his. He also wanted people to know that in 1992, a real man was born. 

In fact, all of Tory Lanez's tattoos have a common theme. That theme is angels & music. When asked about it, Lanez talked about how God is important to him. At a young age, he lost his mother Luella, whose name he has tattooed above his music notes on his wrist. Since then, he viewed music as a way to express himself and as something he could turn to during the tough times he was facing. 

For his next tattoo, Tory explained why he got the rays of light on his neck. After being fired from Denny's when he was 16, he had told himself that he wouldn't be working anymore in his life. This way he had no choice but to reach his dreams because, with his neck tattoo, he wouldn't get a job. He also added that it wasn't just the location, but also the rays of light themselves. His real name, Daystar, means revolutionary light of progression to his generation. Therefore, he got them to represent his name. 

revolutionary light of progression to his generation. Lanez. #torylanez #necktattoos #celebtattoos #tattooedceleb

In above picture, we can also see the acronym GABOS run down the side of his ear. The acronym means ''Gaming Based On Sympathy". He says he needs that reminder sometimes because of his big heart. He helps people and sometimes gives the benefit of the doubt to people with who he should cut ties with, but that's just how he is. 

One impressive piece, on his right upper arm, is especially important to him. 

It's a woman creating the rings of Saturn with music. He explains how its hard to see but the woman's head is actually open and her head is creating the musical notes, and then creates the rings of Saturn which she sits on. He says it's kind of a reminder that music is what you make it. 

The ''Blessed'' tattoo he has is simply because he see's himself as being blessed for this life he worked for. 

He got 416 down his ear which represents the area code where he's from, Toronto. 

''Live Life Love God'' is a piece he got across his chest. He explains that this is how he lives. Sometimes he's a good person, sometimes he's a bad person, but at the same time, he lives for God. In everything he does, he lives and loves God. 

All in all, it's easy to see that Lanez is a firm believer in the almighty and breathes music, and he translates that to his body art. He gives credit to Imperial Inks for all the work. 

He just recently released his new album entitled "I Told You". Give it a listen, it's on Spotify

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